Vocabulary Links


The four links below are to help you understand the ranking of the most common English words and to check your level.

The most common English words - Read and hear the 2,170 most common English words.

Level tests - What's your English vocabulary level? Take these easy tests to find out.

Level test 2 - A different test to check your level. Very easy to take.

Word Engine level test - A third test to check your level (explained in Japanese).


The links below are to drill vocabulary words.

Memrise - Recommended! Try this page.


Word Quest - Start from quizzes for easy, common words and continue to learn more difficult words.


Self-study vocabulary quizzes - Try these quizzes.


Concordance - Enter, type a word in the space, click "search," click on the word and see examples of how it's used.


Vocabulary games - Made for kids, but fun for second language learners too.


Matching quizzes - Another great activity from manythings.org.


ESL gold - Quizzes for academic vocabulary.


5 minute English - Many excellent vocabulary pages.


Picture dictionary - Listen to words spoken about pictures. No sentences; just lots of words.



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