Most of the links below are more appropriate for higher level learners.


Yabla - Check out the authentic sample video.


CNN News for students - Current events.


English Central video - Short, practical video for second language learners.


NHK Charo - Stories about a dog (website is in Japanese).


BBC flatmates - Short, understandable video exchanges, with subtitles.


NHK English news - These pages appear difficult.


English video lessons - Lots of lessons to choose from.


Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford speech - Famous and inspiring speech. Click "transcript" to read while listening. - News topics spoken slowly with subtitles.


Music & entertainment - Click "check the script" to read while listening.


The real voice of English students - A 3 minute video about learning English in Japan.


Download "Qwiki" from the apps page on your iPhone or other mobile phone (nothing for computers).


Faster phonics - Very easy chant, A, B, C level.























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