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Note: Each chapter contains one or more "optional" phrases and/or sentences. These sentences are contained on the audio. Since this audio is for a dictation activity, teachers who wish to omit those extra words can simply stop the audio before the extra phrase/sentence starts. For example, in sentence 1 below, simply stop the audio after "space" at the end of the first sentence.


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5 Astronomy 1: sample

5 Astronomy 2: sample

5 Astronomy 3: sample

5 Astronomy 4: sample


Transcripts for above audio:

5.  Astronomy   (79 words + 12 optional words = 91)

1. In 1961 Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. He left the Earth’s atmosphere and orbited the Earth for 108 minutes.

2. Scientists found key ingredients for life on Mars in the powder that the robot named Curiosity took out of rock.

3. With live TV images broadcast around the world, Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon, collected 21 kilograms of soil and rock samples, and did experiments.

4. In 2005 the Japanese spacecraft “Hayabusa” landed on an asteroid to study its shape, spin, density and history.


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