Many of the reading pages below are especially good for lower level learners.


English Central Library - Rate the story after reading it. Many stories to choose from.


Jakarta Tales - These short stories are from the Jakata tradition of India. Lots of stories to choose from!


365 Short Stories - These are written for second language learners. There are actually 365 stories altogether. Lots of reading!


365 Essays - They essays written for English language learners are mostly related to the United States and come with audio.


Bee Oasis - Read a story, in basic English, and listen to the audio.


Animals - Interested in animals? Read a little about a mammal, reptile or insect on this website.


100 Short Stories - These are also written for second language learners, so not too difficult.


English Mix Site - Your story and questions will open in a new window so you need Adobe Flash player.


Folk Tales - Interesting stories from around the world.


 American Folklore - Myths, legends, stories, tales, ghost stories, nursery rhymes, etc..


Japanese stories - Do you know Kaguya Hima and Potty Jizo? Check this out!


African history - Written for kids not second language learners, this is a little difficult.


Peace - One page reading about peace.


Hiroshima - About the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, by Suzuko Numata.


Children's rights - Another one page nonfiction reading.


Refugees in Japan - Click "stories of refugees in Japan" to open the window.


Weird animal stories - A bit difficult!


Breaking News English - Current events in understandable English, with lessons!


Windows to the Universe - Read about the Earth on these science pages.


Starfall - Readings for young kids.


The study zone - Reading and other activities. - Read articles with quick translations available for any difficult words.


Graded readers - Free graded readers for extensive reading.


5 minute English - Lots of short lessons to choose from.


Read essays - "The essays are meant to be examples of what an IELTS candidate could do in just 40 minutes."


KidZone geography - This site is for native speaker kids so it's a little difficult.


Easiest reading - A, B, C level reading and phonics.


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