Other Study Links


BBC pages - Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation


BBC quizzes - Includes crossword puzzles, etc.


The study zone - Reading and other activities.


Activities for ESL students - Games, quizzes, etc.


A Foreigner's Vacation Guide to the English Language - Grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, etc.


Geography games - Includes other quizzes as well as geography.


PBS kids page - Games, etc. for young kids.


Voice nation - This page has many links to different sites.


Proverbs - Scrambled sentences.


Fact or opinion - Can you tell a fact from an opinion? Take this quiz to see.


Fact or opinion - Different page from the one above, but same idea. Distinguish fact from opinion.


Proverbs - Finish the sentences.


World Population - See the world population and other global facts.


Life expectancy quiz - A simple quiz to predict how long you will live.


American slang - Learn commonly used American slang.


Modal verbs - Learn about modal verbs by doing easy sentences.


5 minute English lessons - At top right, choose grammar, pronunciation, slang/idioms, etc.


Phrasal verb list - Read about phrasal verbs.


Phrasal verb list - Another, different, phrasal verb list.


BBC English - Various quizzes.


Idiom list - Dave's ESL Cafe page, with explanations.


TOEFL preparation - This is a forum explaining how to prepare for the TOEFL test.


Online writing labs - For ESL students abroad, made by Purdue University.



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