Inspiring Stories Book One Audio

(note: for many chapters choose from British English

by a female speaker and American English by a male)


1. Butterfly's Treesit: BrEn,female

1. Country Watch (CW) - Greece

1. Butterfly Live! audio: Click here


2. Chipko Tree Huggers - BrEn, female

2. Country Watch - Morocco: Click here

2. Survival International-Live! audio: Click here


Reduce your Carbon Footprint (slow) homework

Reduce your Carbon Footprint (normal) homework


3. Microfinance - AmEn, male: Click here

3. Country Watch - Mexico: Click here

3. Yunus-Live! audio: Click here


Kiva Microloans here

Kiva Microloans (slow) here


4. Giving Away Gardens: Click here

4. Country Watch - Venezuela: Click here

4. Dan Barker-Live! audio: Click here


6. FGM - BrEn, female: BrEn, female

6. Country Watch - Malaysia: Click here

6. Waris-Live! audio: Click here


7. Bubbles not Bombs: Click here

7. Country Watch: Kazakhstan

7. Craig  Kielburger-Live! audio: Click here


Inspiring Stories Book Two Audio

(note: for additional Country Watch activities, with blank maps and coloring options for students, click here or contact globalstoriespress (at)


8. Peace Pilgrim - BrEn, female

8. Country Watch - Fiji

8.  Peace Pilgrim-Live! audio: Click here


9. Bikes Not Bombs: Click here

9. Country Watch - Mozambique

9. Bikes not Bombs-Live! audio: Click here


11. Zero Landmines: Click here

11. Country Watch - Argentina

11. Chris Moon-Live! audio: Click here


12. The Prison Project - Click here

12. Country Watch - Syria

12. Bo-Live! audio: Click here


13. UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador - BrEn female

13. Country Watch - Bangladesh

13. Peace One Day-Live! audio: Click here


14. The Hugging Saint - BrEn, female

14. Country Watch - The Czech Republic

14. Amma-Live! audio: Click here


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