Global Stories Narratives' Audio

(note: for many chapters choose from British English

by a female speaker and American English by a male)


1. Environmental Problems: BrEn female / AmEn male


2. Homelessness: AmEn, male


3. Landmimes: AmEn, male


4. Sweatshops: AmEn, male


5. Runaways: BrEn, female / AmEn, male


6. Child Soldiers: AmEn, male


7. Refugees: AmEn, male


8. Poverty: BrEn, female / AmEn, male


9. Bullying: BrEn, female / AmEn, male


10. Crime: AmEn, male


11. Natural Disasters: AmEn, male


12. Depression: BrEn, female / AmEn, male


13. Trafficking: BrEn, female / AmEn, male


14. Education: AmEn, male

Country Watch  Audio

(note: for additional Country Watch activities, with blank maps and coloring options for students, click here or contact globalstoriespress (at)


1. Country Watch: Kenya


2. Country Watch: Ireland


3. Country Watch: Costa Rica


4. Country Watch: Egypt


5. Country Watch: Iran


6. Country Watch: Ghana


7. Country Watch: Denmark


8. Country Watch: Bangladesh


9. Country Watch: Germany


10. Country Watch: Turkey


11. Country Watch: Haiti


12. Country Watch: Bhutan


13. Country Watch: the Philippines


14. Country Watch: Brazil

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