Click here to download the "Travel Plans" handout. After every chapter students write a few sentences about whether they'd like to travel to that country and why.


Download the Around the World vocabulary notebook here. This 16 page pocket-sized (half A5 size when folded) notebook contains pages for all 15 of the textbook chapters. Five sample pages and instructions are below.














Overview of Instructions: Print your downloaded booklet onto A5 size paper, then copy for students.

Detailed instructions:

1. After downloading, open the PDF. On a Mac, either Preview or Adobe Pro will be fine.

2. Set the printer for A5 printing. In Preview, click "PDF" at the lower left of the print dialog box, then choose "print booklet."

3. If you don't have A5 paper, fold four A4 sheets precisely. Run your nail along the edge, then tear in half.

4. Print as a booklet. Ideally, you can print it two sided. In that case go to instruction 6 below. However, either because of your software or computer, you might only be able to print one-sided. In that case...

5. To make two-sided copies, match the pages as follows. The numbers can be easily identified by checking the number to the left of the country name at the top of the page.

front side - back side

7-8          -          9-6

5-10         -         11-4

3-12         -         13-2

1-14       -        cover-15


Note that pages such as the first and last pages (cover-15) will be automatically arranged two per A5 paper when you print as a booklet.

Also note that the page tops should be placed in opposite directions before copying. After copying, check to confirm that the booklet will be ordered correctly once folded.

6. Now you're ready to make copies for students. The easy way is to use A5 paper. However, if A5 paper isn't available (or you don't want to tear a large number of A4 papers in half), place two A5 papers on the copy machine glass and make two-sided copies into A4 paper. The A4 papers will later have to be cut in half (I have students do it!).

7. Students enjoy making their notebooks and it gives them a sense of ownership. Also, following the instructions in English is good practice. You should give each student two A4 pages (containing 8 separate A5 size halves), which they cut in half, arrange properly, fold, then staple. I always bring a stapler (with extra staples) to class. Notice in the picture below my stapler swivels so it can handily staple the spine. Such staplers are available in stationery stores (students get a kick out of them). You could also bring an extra long stapler, or leave unstapled.









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